The Mission Statement of Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church


 We believe that God has called Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church to be a Christ-centered community, 

empowered by God’s spirit to represent Christ in the world.


Our mission is to equip the adults and children of our church community to be the light of Christ to the world. 

Meaningful worship, spiritual formation and growth lead us to mission and service.

  • Meaningful worship opens our hearts and draws us closer to God through challenging and encouraging sermons, prayer, communion, music and special services.
  • Spiritual formation and growth draw us into the transforming presence of Christ and outward to action.  Worship, the study of scripture, Christian education, conferences, small groups, spiritual direction, prayer and other practices and activities support our journey.
  • Mission and service allow us in gratitude and joy to share the love of Christ by serving our church, local, national and world communities.